Ultimate Media Center Guide: iOS, Apple TV, Mac OS and Windows


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We've been putting together our little media center. It's sweet and it lets us view just about anything we wanna see. It consists of our set-top boxes and other media devices. It's all been combined into one awesome media consumption machine that uses everything in our office.

Hit the jump to check out the components that make up our media center.


We definitely enjoy Slingbox. It's a set-top box that lets you beam any of your television viewing to another device, such as your computer, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. What's most useful is that you can watch your television anywhere. For instance, if you subscribe to Showtime, but are traveling out of town, you can take your iPad with you and watch Showtime from your iPad so long as you have an internet connection. This is also nice because it bypasses some of the problems that have arisen with the Time Warner Cable app (Time Warner has been in legal battles with some networks over how content should be provided). We have a full how to for Slingbox here. You will need the box and the application.


Air Video App and Mac or Windows Server

This Allows you to stream content to your iDevice from your computer. Think of AirPlay, but the other way around. Video not designed to be compatible with your iDevice is converted on the fly. Though it's important to know that DRM-protected iTunes content won't stream.



This application will let you stream from your Mac to Apple TV. Currently, Apple TV only receives content from you iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Since much of your content is already on your computer to begin with, do to the much more limited space of your iDevices, it's nice to be able to stream directly from your desktop computer.


AirPlay for Windows Media Center (Beta 1)

Install this on your Windows machine so that Windows Media Center can receive content via AirPlay. If you have videos on your iDevice and want to watch it on your computer, simply start the video and hit the AirPlay button. Useful for those who tend to use their computer more than a TV.



AirPlayer – Stream music from iDevice to Mac


This one simply let us stream from our iDevice to our Mac. The video above is something we put together quite a while back when we were testing it out for the first time. It's worth taking a look at. Especially if you're the type who'd like to use a Mac Mini as a set-top box.


ESPN For the Sports Fans

If you're a sports fan, you need ESPN. This App is free, and as long as you have one of two things: 1) subscribe to ESPN via your cable or internet provider 2) you receive high-speed internet from Verizon (which will give you ESPN 3). Download from the App Store: here


How Do You Consume Media?

The nature of our work has us working with computers and iDevices all day. We have a TV nearby, but it rarely gets turned on. It's not necessarily a choice thing, it's just that we work several hours a day and are always by the computer. This means that if we want to watch a movie, it's usually on an iDevice or on a computer and between rounds of work.

Everyone's needs are different. We want to know what our readers use. Leave some comments.



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