Will MacBook Air Refresh Mean the Return of the Backlit Keyboard?

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Maybe they'll bring back the Apple key while they're at it.

Miss the MacBook Air's backlit keyboard? You may be in luck, according to some sources who are familiar with the matter (via AppleInsider).

We all know at this point that the new MacBook Air is ready to be unveiled in the near future. Okay, so we don't know, but we'd like to think that with all the leaks and the rumors (plus, the fact that Apple updates their products once a year) that it's going to happen. On top of that, inventory is running low, we've heard.

Of course we've heard all the regular stuff: Sandy Bridge processors, Thunderbolt, high-speed 400MBps flash memory. We've speculated a bit.

Now, we're hearing that the keyboard will be backlit. This is something that was present in the 2008 MacBook Air, but omitted from the 2010 model. Many users were disappointed by that. Maybe Apple found a way to keep the cost down, or just decided that the users had spoken loudly enough. Either way, it looks like you will be able to see your keyboard in the dark now, if you need it.


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