Will the iPhone 5 Land in the UK on August 16th?


iPhone 5 Job Listing Rumored

Image Credit: CNET UK

A job listing in the UK (via CNET UK) is asking for some temporary staff to sell and promote mobile phones. What are they asking for? “Passion and keen interest in Apple products,” of course. This is a likely sign that the iPhone 5 will be available, at least in the UK on August 16th. It mentions an “exciting project” and we can’t think of an iPhone-related project more exciting than the next device’s launch.

It’s likely that they are looking for folks to work the retail outlets to sell the handset. A previous rumor pointed to September, but this one shows that someone is looking for people to work on selling the device starting August 16th. Could this be the actual launch date? A UK launch? Man, that iPhone 5 announcement feels so close.

It’s worth adding that the job listing has since been removed, and navigating to the Reed website (link) will bring up the following message, “The job you were looking for is no longer available on reed.co.uk, however we have found some similar jobs that you can browse below.” Whether that’s to hide any accidental announcement, or simply because the positions have been filled is not clear.

So we know for sure that someone is/was hiring people with iPhone expertise for a major project. The real question is whether or not it actually has anything to do with the iPhone 5.

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