4 of Our Favorite iPhone Clones

hiPhone 4G J8

Like it or not, you can’t deny the immense popularity of Apple’s iPhone. It helped popularize the smartphone market, which is now growing fast. With such popularity come the clones and the counterfeits. These clones are all designed to look similar, or identical, to the iPhone. They are sold much cheaper, and usually off-market in places where the actual iPhone may not be available. Some of these are actually pretty nice designs, and others are…interesting, to say the least.

Let’s take a look at some of our favorites, both new and old.


HiPhone 5


(Images: Reuters)

The HiPhone 5 is the first major iPhone 5 clone we see form out of China . Interestingly, we don’t even know how close to an iPhone 5 it actually is, but it’s very possible that it’s close to the design of the real deal (as it this very similar clone), because it’s based on leaked images and there is the chance that it could be based on the real iPhone 5 design. Whether or not it is, it’s actually a pretty nice design aside from those weird lines running across the back.



Let’s Not forget the HiPhone 4G J8 

 hiPhone 4G J8

This is one of our favorite fakes, because apparently it lets you watch hip teen shows like Melrose Place, which ran from 1992 – 1999 (and was apparently revived with a new cast, but nobody cared or noticed). The name is also pretty cool. Who doesn’t want a phone called the HiPhone 4G J8? It even sounds like a winner.




The Android what?

Android iPhone Clone

Okay, this one isn’t exactly an iPhone clone. Well, it is in design, but it proudly displays the Android logo on its back. If not for that, onlookers may think you were carrying an iPhone 4. It was being sold through Sears.com for a short time, and was pulled shortly after news of the handset got around. We’re sure Apple wasn’t too thrilled with it. Either way, it’s gone now, and all we have is that picture to remember it by. [Link]


iPhone Nano

iPhone Nano

We call this little fella the iPhone nano. Even though Apple hasn’t released a real iPhone nano. It’s tiny and it’s cute. You just want to pet the little thing and squeeze it until it’s little electronic guts pop out! Just don’t use it if you plan on snapping some great photos, we read that the camera is 1.8MP. That’s pretty good, if you like fuzzy images. [Link]


Gotta Love the iPhoney

The iPhoney, the iClone, iFaux, whatever you wanna call it the iPhone clones are going to keep coming along. With each new iPhone model, we will see new types of fakes. It’s going to be interesting to see how close the current iPhone 5 clones are to the real thing when it’s unveiled. Will they be identical? Way off the mark? We’ll know for sure when Apple announces the iPhone 5 this September.

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