5 Great Photo and Camera Apps for iPhone

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The iPhone 4 has a great camera. It may not be the best camera out there. Heck, it may not even be the best camera in a smartphone. Still, it does an amazing job at taking photos for those times you need to just “capture the moment.” Also great about the iPhone, is that there are countless apps available, many of those apps are actually designed for use with the iPhone’s camera. They include filters and lens emulations, and just about anything else that app developers can think up.

Take a look at some of the coolest iPhone camera apps out there.



ProCamera is a nice all-in-one app that lets you take photos and edit them within the App. It lets you adjust things like white balance, focus and exposure. One of the coolest things is the RapidFire Mode, which takes up to 12 full-resolution pictures a second. This is especially useful when capturing movement. Sometimes’ it’s difficult to get that precise moment, this will capture things in sequence, so that you can pick and choose the best photos.



Maybe you don’t think the iPhone is ideal for “real” pictures. That’s fine, but why not have some fun with filters? You can give your photos an interesting look by adding some of these, and it makes them look great by stylizing them.




This app is designed to emulate the feel of ol’ school cameras, but makes it happen on the iPhone. It has additional lenses and filters, and more can be purchased within the app. Users can share their photos with friends via all the popular sharing apps and social networks.




This may be about as good as the iPhone 4 camera gets. It’s Camera+ and it’s designed for those who want a bit more out of their iPhone camera. It manages to do a better job at taking photos than Apple’s built-in camera application.


Adobe Photoshop Express

This application lets you edit photos quickly and easily. Features like “Reduce Noise” get rid of some of that grain that sometimes comes from cameras in certain types of lighting. It also lets you add some filters, rotate and crop images. Nice thing is it’s free.


The iPhone as a Camera

Again, the iPhone 4 has a great camera. We’re not going to sit here and say it’s the best one you will find, but we will say it’s nice for when you’re on the move. Real (quality) cameras tend to be heavy and expensive. Sure, the picture on a $1000 camera may blow the iPhone’s photo-taking capabilities out of the water, but those also take some skill to use. This is all point and shoot.

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