6 Back to School Apps Designed for the Hard-working Student

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It’s time to grab your textbooks and start studying again, because class is back in session and we’re here to help you stay prepared.

As you may imagine, there are several apps out there available for students. Whether you need it for study, or for scheduling, you will probably find it somewhere on the App Store. We’ve searched around a bit, and found some apps that will help students more easily get through the stress of school life.

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1) Amazon Student

Amazon Student is useful for those who are already in college. As many college students know, school is expensive as @#!%. There’s tuition, then you have to buy your books. It’s not uncommon for books to run over $100. Even used, you may find yourself paying $50 or $60 for some books. That’s where Amazon Student comes in. They give students a place to sell and buy books from others. One of the coolest features makes use of the barcode scanner. Scan the book and find prices. Gotta love free apps that help you save money.


2) Evernote

Evernote is an all-time favorite at iSmashPhone. It offers a great way to save notes and ideas on the cloud and sync them with your other devices. We have it on our iPhone, iPad and Mac and it has been a very valuable tool. For instance, you can take your iPad or laptop to class and type the notes out in Evernote. During your lunch hour, you can open it up on your iPhone with the Evernote app. Then at home you can lie back and review the notes again on your iPad. Or maybe an idea comes to mind and you happen to have your phone on you. Type it up, and open it later when you get to your computer. It’s also wonderful for shopping lists, another necessary part of college life if you live in the dorms.


3) Dropbox

Dropbox is similar to Evernote in that it’s a syncing tool, but it’s also extremely useful for students on a tight schedule. Have you ever typed up a paper or worked on an assignment on your home computer then realized you didn’t have it saved on your laptop? Normally you’d be pooched, but Dropbox lets you sync across multiple devices. Say you type up your paper on the home computer. You can put it in your Dropbox folder, and you no longer have to worry about transferring it over, it’s stored and will be available on another device with the Dropbox app. What’s also great is that the website works as well, so you can login from a school computer and grab the file if needed.


4) Graphing Calculator

I can’t speak for everyone on iSmashPhone, but math was never my strength when I was in school. Still, we’ve read around and this is definitely an app that students will want to get them through their math classes. It’s a heck of a lot cheaper than one of those fancy graphing calculators, which run about $80. This is $2, and you likely already have your iPhone or iPod touch if you’re reading this, so you’re most of the way there.


5) Study Aid

Study Aid is a fairly basic study helper. It simply lets you create flash cards to help study for the big test, or whatever else you have going on. This app is great for students of all ages, but may be especially helpful for those in grade school as many of the tests consist of memorizing facts and dates. (None of which I remember anymore, in case you’re wondering.)


6) myHomework

This is another useful app. Again, this one can be used by all students. If you have homework, you need this app. How many times have you gone home and done a good deal of homework and the next day you say, “CRAP! I forgot to do my English assignment!” At that point it’s too late, because class has just started, you weren’t being a rebel, you just honestly forgot. It happens. Help prevent that with this app. It lets you set dates, classes and assignments. Nice.


More Back to School

Hey, school’s not all that bad. Sure, it can be a little stressful sometimes, but it’s fun compared to the real world. It’s also what you make of it. Have fun, enjoy your friends and enjoy school. Also, remember to pick up some cool equipment, we put together a nice list of nice gear to get you through the year.

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