A Look a Steve Jobs’ 300+ Patents


steve Jobs patents

The New York Times has taken a look at all Apple patents listing Steve Jobs as an inventor. The dude is partly responsible for 313 of them. He is the lead inventor of 33 of those patents.

That’s pretty freakin’ amazing when you think about it. Being involved in so many invented ideas has to feel pretty cool.

Within that huge list of patents, you can see various designs for the iPhone and other iOS devices. The original iPod and many of its functions and iterations are also found on the list. What’s very cool is that you will find some of the designs that never quite made it through. However, we’ve learned through interviews that Steve Jobs isn’t a guy afraid of saying no to hundreds of ideas until the right one comes up.

It’s definitely worth a look at the huge patent archive that NYT put together. Check it out here.

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