Accessory Spotter: Camera-Shaped Wooden Case For iPhone 4 By Photojojo

Still remember those days when taking photos from your old-school camera always felt cooler rather than pulling your high-end smartphone to take a few snaps. To bring back those old memories, Photojojo has managed to design a stylish wooden case for iPhone users which looks amazingly just like your favorite camera.

Just a few days back, I was delighted to cover the Submarine (i4) Bamboo case, specially designed for iPhone 4 users with creativity by Ryan Chapman and mastered by Grove. After having the feel for bamboo material, which offers durability, ease and lightweight, my search in the jungle widened.

The Wood Camera iPhone Case by Photojojo uses the natural strength of wood to protect your phone while providing you the look and feel of an old-school camera, engraved at the back. The case is carefully designed and engraved using lasers which delivers a sleek wooden case with a carving which keeps you as well as others convinced that you are holding a real camera.



The Photojojo Wooden iPhone case comes in Walnut and Bamboo, which are both durable. Also, each case comes packed with a thin felt pad to cushion your shiny glass phone against the wood.

Moreover, the case slides on in two parts over each end of your iPhone, which guarantees that it won’t crack, scratch, or splinter. To spice things up, the “MADE OF WOOD” iPhone 4 case weighs only 22g, making it lighter than a plastic case. This eventually makes it carrying in pockets easier with adding any additional weight.

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