Accessory Spotter: Handy Purse by Sivan Royz For iPhone, iPod Touch

Sivan Royz

Sivan Royz, a young textile designer from Israel with her passion to inhale various designs from the surroundings and create an interpretation. Her latest project, Blooming Structures, is a self collection of a set of textile sculptures that deliver the work of both, jewelry and accessories.

These beautiful pieces take their shape and inspiration from the world of nature when in bloom. Carefully designed and build upon the geometrics of nature while relying her work on silk as the base fabric which is layered beautifully to shape each piece.

Sivan Royz(1)

The structure is built using extensive layering of laser cut silk pieces while joined together with a single piece of string. Each piece is then carefully colored and slightly burning the silk to reveal a darker shade.

One such accessory, a purse, as it opens, reveals an iPhone and a lipstick. According to the designer, the purse has the ability to hold everything you could possibly need on the red carpet.

Sivan Royz(2)


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