Accessory Spotter: JAVOedge Mini Stylus For iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

I still remember the days when touch devices first came into the real world and a handful of those users were seen interacting with the mobile device via a pen, better known as a Stylus. Not only mobile, but we saw a good number of tablets being launched with the same attitude. Later on, we witnessed the arrival of the first ever device, powered with a multi-touch display, proudly announced as the iPhone.

For those, still looking forward on operating your iOS device with a stylus, can now use JAVOedge Mini Stylus. Whereas this might not be the first, I find JAVOedge as the most convenient due to ease, weight and size.

Compared to what other styluses have to offer, JAVOedge stood as a separate one, being really small, only 1.4 inches long. Whereas others simulate a pen, this made-for-iOS accessory seems to aim at a emulating a small piece of chalk. JAVOedge was unveiled as an official accessory for the iPad 2 but it has proved to work just fine with other iOS devices, including the iPod Touch and the iPhone.

You might be wondering already as where would this small accessory fit, as none of the iOS device offers any space. Well, the JAVOedge stylus requires no specific case or any specific space as it simply plugs into your device’s dock connector without interfering with any regular operation, unless when the device requires charging

Whereas the stylus might not be used as a replacement to your finger, the JAVOedge Mini Stylus makes doodling, scribbling, and sketching on your iPad easier than using your plain fingertip.


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