Accessory Spotter: Kiano 4 – Sliding Keyboard For Your iPhone 4

Kiano 4

This ain’t the first time we are featuring an iPhone 4 keyboard case here at iSmashphone, the latest one being the Kiano 4, sliding keyboard for your Apple gadget. Whereas we see a jump to touch-screen keyboards from almost all areas of smartphone manufacturers, we still eye plenty of users out there who still prefer using a BlackBerry style keypad to type. Whereas Apple has no intentions on attaching a slide-out keyboard to its smartphone, Kiano 4 seems to have answered your prayers.

The simple and stylish QWERTY slide-out keyboard sports a built-in battery which guarantees to deliver 5 hours of typing and 30 hours of standby and utilizes a micro USB port for charging. It uses a standard Bluetooth 2.0 to connect with the smartphone, brushing aside all types of external wire connections.

Kiano 4 (1)

The Kiano 4 sports a simple On/Off switch in order to conserve power and obviously saving on precious battery life. Whenever you wish to unleash your typing powers over your iPhone, you can simply switch on the keyboard and carry on with the typing.

Moreover, the Kiano 4 is made compatible with iPhone 4 powered by iOS 4.1 or above. It is available in both black and white colors to perfectly blend with your smartphone and offered at an attractive price of $99.

Kiano 4 (2)


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