Accessory Spotter: MiniDock – The Ultra-Mini Charger For Your iPhone, iPod

Bluelounge miniDock

Bluelounge, an award-winning design studio, best known for its innovative and sleek products created for consumers looking forward to honest solutions. We recently bumped into this creative dock charger courtesy of Bluelounge, tagged as MiniDock which allows users to charge their iPhone or iPod with your existing Apple USB Power Adapter. Designers took time before marking the availability of the MiniDock as your device needs to sit upright in the MiniDock while it charges directly into the wall socket, allowing you to be free of wire rolling along the whole place.

Simply connect the miniDock to any electrical outlet and power your device to be charged upright in any room. The dock charger can be conveniently used in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or any room, wherever charging of iPhone or the iPod makes sense. MiniDock is the perfect travel companion due to its light weight, small size and ease of charging as no longer would it be required to lay on the floor or over any counter top while it charges.

Bluelounge miniDock(2)

The main concept of MiniDock was to take your iPhone or iPod off the floor or the counter top while it gently rests upright against a wall socket as it charges. USB cords can now be avoided by connecting your Apple USB Power Adapter with the MiniDock to charge your iPhone or iPod.

Bluelounge miniDock(1)

Moreover, you can listen to music,a podcast or even view a recipe as you cook while it charges.

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