Accessory Spotter: Protect Your Tablet With Kicks from blueLounge

Obviously, using a tablet does carry a big difference compared to using a normal laptop. Since the day I bought my iPad 2, have been really careful in means of handling. I always worry on the tablet to slip and damage itself, specially when my 2 year old son uses it, to view his educational apps.

Today, I surprisingly spotted a protector for my iPad which helps me secure it without hiding the beautiful design. Introducing the small, thin, silicone-rubber rails, known as Kicks from blueLounge

The smartly designed rubber rails prevents your iPad from slipping, scratching and damage. Once installed, the protective rails run along the backside of your tablet, covering minimal space in order to keep the shine alive of your tablet. Kicks by blueLounge utilizes a light 3M adhesive which guarantees to not leave a mark on your iPad. The protective rails are easy to apply and remain securely in place unless you desire to remove them.

With Kicks, you don’t need to worry anymore. Set your iPad down on your workspace or prop it up against the edge of a cafe table as you read your favorite magazine and sip your everyday morning coffee without worry of scratching the elegant aluminium back.

Available for an attractive price of $11.95, this small accessory is a must-have for tablet users who carry the gadget almost everywhere.

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