Accessory Spotter: Rare Fancy iPhone Cases by Swiss Watchmaker

Franck Muller iPhone 4 cases

We check out iPhone and iDevice accessories on a daily basis. Now there are some very fancy iPhone 4 cases (just in time for the inevitable announcement and release of the iPhone 5, it seems). The cases are designed by Swiss watchmaker Franck Muller, called the Franck Muller Jacket.

The designs are part of Franck Muller’s 20th anniversary celebration. They definitely look to be made by a watch maker as you can see the pattern of numbers all over the back. We’re not sure how protective they are, but it may be an elegant solution for some iPhone 4 owners.

There are six designs, but they are only going to make 500 of each, which totals out to 3,000 total worldwide. Yeah, we’re sure they’re expensive, but not as expensive as this gold iPad 2.

[via Bangkok Post]

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