Accessory Spotter: Suntrica Introduces Solar Charger For Your iPhone and iPod

Suntrica Ltd, a company based in Finland, is the leading manufacturer of flexible and high-efficiency portable solar chargers. The company is aimed on providing lightweight products which in-return provide convenient mobile charging experience. Suntrica chargers convert solar light into usable electrical energy and progressing towards supplying an unlimited source of power for personal electronic devices.

Committed to bring a change, the company is keen on developing easy-to-use flexible solar chargers in an effort to reduce carbon footprints. These specially designed chargers are manufactured for use with portable battery-powered devices, such as mobile handsets and portable music players.

Among the wide-range of Suntrica products, SolarStrap™ has gathered much fame as it promises, never to let your gadget be on low juice. The small-sized, lightweight solar panel gathers solar energy while storing it in an internal lightweight battery. Compatible with almost all-types of mobile phones, mp3 players, GPS devices, digital cameras as well as devices utilizing 5V charging voltage.

SolarStrap™  is designed in such a way that it can easily stick onto your bag, bike or coat so that it gathers and stores most of the energy while you are out.

Suntrica has managed to develop certified products for iPhone, iPod as well as the iPhone 4. Simply plug-in or connect your iDevice to give it an energy boost when needed. One hour of solar charging gives 20 minutes of talk time or nearly 8 hour of standby time for your iPhone 3G. The wallet-sized solar panel is weatherproof and able to sustain rough treatment.

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