Accessory Spotter: VooMote One Universal Remote For iPhone/iPod Touch, one of the leading provider of user interfaces for home entertainment solutions, has just announced on an innovative product, tagged as VooMote One. A device when paired with the free app, converts your iPhone/iPod Touch into an intelligent universal remote control. Available at leading retailers nationwide, including Amazon, BestBuy, B&H, Ritz Interactive and BrandsMart, with a number of additional stores to start retailing the VooMote One in the coming months.

Alex Gruber, CEO,, told:

We are thrilled to announce our U.S. availability with such a distinguished roster of retail partners. The iPhone is an indispensible tool that never leaves your side and VooMote One integrates seamlessly to offer a convenient remote control solution.

The VooMote One transforms your 3GS/4G and iPod Touch 3rd Generation/4th Generation into a universal remote control. The smartly designed accessory slides onto your iDevice with ease, while still allowing full control of the gadget itself.

Transform your iDevice into a fully functional universal remote for your TV, DVD player, stereo system, and much more, eventually eliminating the need to carry several remotes to control your consumer electronics. Moreover, the VooMote One doesn’t require any batteries and neither does it deplete the battery life of your iPhone.

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