Another Round of iPhone 5 Parts Emerge


iPhone 5 Rumored Camera_00

Website (via 9to5Mac) has come across, you guessed it, more components said to be part of the upcoming iPhone 5.

As always, we can’t say for sure whether they’re real or not, but at this point it feels like we’ve seen the entire handset one piece at a time over the past few months.

What do we have today? For starters, the high-res camera module with the LED flash (top image). Based on the report from the site, it’s not like the one on the iPhone 4. It’s a bit thinner and seems to have a higher megapixel count.

The second image (below) is said to be the audio cable with the headphone jack. It also has connections for some of the additional buttons, such as the mute switch. However, the volume buttons are over on the right rather than the left.

iPhone 5 Flex Cable_001

 A few things to note: It’s also possible that this is for the rumored iPhone 4S, which is said to be a smaller iPhone model, or even an iPod touch that’s been slightly redesigned.

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