Apple Doing Serious LTE 4G Testing for iPhone

iPhone 4 Closeup

It seems that Apple is stepping up their LTE testing.

Recently we heard that Apple is carrier testing their 4G LTE-enabeled devices. The .plist file showing what was said to be an iOS test build was revealed.

This week, it seems that there is a bit more news in the 4G iPhone bin. Website MacRumors has found the same .plist file in some of the recent developer builds of iOS 5.

Then there was news that AT&T had installed 4G LTE equipment in a major Apple Store. This, it’s said, is because AT&T installs antennas at Apple Stores in order to enhance iPhone coverage at the location. Interesting the they would begin installing 4G equipment.

Furthermore, Apple job postings showed that they needed field testing engineers knowledgeable in LTE.

As MacRumors points out, asking for LTE expertise isn’t unusual in an iPhone-related job listing, this one does emphasize the importance of knowledge in LTE specifically.

Despite all these rumors, it’s important not to get too excited yet. It’s likely that the iPhone 5 will not run on a 4G network. Apple has always emphasized the importance of battery life. They will wait until 2012 and the iPhone 6 if they have to if it means better battery life.

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