Apple Reveals iCloud Pricing to Developers

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For those asking “How much will iCloud cost?” there’s now an answer. Today, Apple revealed through the beta (which is open to developers) the pricing for the iCloud storage. As many may know, the first 5GB are free. That’s something that was announced during the keynote introducing iOS 5. Pricing for additional space was not yet revealed. It’s going to be about $2/GB.

iCloud Pricing

Those wanting 10GB (that’s in addition to your initial 5GB, in other words, a total of 15GB) you will be paying $20 a year. If you want 20GB (25GB total) you are going to pay $40 a year. 50GB? (55GB total) you’re looking at $100 a year. Photos do not count against your iCloud storage space.

It the pricing something you’re happy with? Most of us know that 5GB isn’t enough for hardcore user.


Dropbox is $10 a month for 5oGB ($120 a year) and $20 a month for 100GB ($240) (link).

Amazon offers storage at $1 per GB per year. For instance, 20GB will run you $20 a year and so on in packages of 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000. On top of that, they offer the first 5GB free and give anyone who buys an MP3 album 20GB for one year (That’s why we picked up Lady Gaga’s Born This Way while it was 99 cents). Music does not count against your storage space. (Link)

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