Apple Updates Recycling Options for Your Old Macs and iOS Devices

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When you want to be green, there are several options to consider. Especially when it comes to electronics. Do you want to have it recycled? Perhaps have it sold or donated and recycled in the sense that it will be used by someone else who needs it more than you do.

Apple has expanded their trade-in options. Let’s take a quick look at what they offer and how it compares to some of the other popular trade-in methods out there.

We are going to use the 16GB iPad 1, in like-new condition (opened, but has no scratches, engraving and other markings) and with all components (chargers, cables, etc).


1) Apple Reuse and Recycling Program

iPad PowerOn

Apple’s partnership with PowerON allows users to send in their computers and iOS devices. The computers don’t necessarily have to be Macs. They will take PCs as well. If the device qualifies as something that can be used by someone else, they will give you Apple Store / Apple Online Store credit. This means you can use that towards your next computer purchase. If it doesn’t meet requirements, they recycle it at no cost. They will also recycle any old equipment with partner WeRecycle. Non-Mac stuff can be recycled for $30, which covers shipping fees.

As for mobile devices, such as the iPod or mobile phone Apple offers discounts on future purchases when owners send in their old devices for recycling. The mail-in is free of charge. (More)


2) Gazelle

iPad Gazelle

Gazelle is popular and well known. They offer trade-ins on various electronics based on condition. They will give you an estimate and you can send them your device from there. We’ve talked about their service in the past, and we like the fact that they take most popular consumer electronics, not just computers and tablets.


3) Ebay

iPad eBay

Ebay is popular, and there are millions of potential shoppers. We found the iPad above going for $365. It’s a 16GB wifi model, and it says it’s rarely used, so it’s in ‘like-new’ condition. The seller above only has two bids, but the auction is almost over. This is a nice way to gauge what you may be able to earn back for your device on eBay, of course you will have to look around and compare. This seller has chosen to throw in two cases for the tablet. They may not be worth a lot, but they likely add a little bit of value for a potential buyer.



Always Look Around

There you have it. There are lots of options for passing along your old Mac, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Look around and see which works best for you. There are lots of options, you just have to find the one that makes the most sense for based on your needs.

There are plenty more, we just chose some of the most popular ones. Do you use any of the above? Perhaps you use another service, if so, let us know, we’re interested in knowing what other iPad and iPhone recycling programs readers go to.

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