AT&T: No More Jailbroken Tethering With MiWi!



Back in March we learned that AT&T was trying to kill off  unauthorized wireless hotspot use to subscribers. In the past, iPhone owners have been able to jailbreak and use MyWi to use their iPhone as a wireless hotspot for their computer. We figured AT&T didn’t know other than maybe seeing large amounts of data being used.

That doesn’t seem to be the case. AT&T has contacted those users to inform them that they would be placed on the tethering plan for an additional fee. They even sent out text messages to subscribers.

Now, according to website 9to5Mac, users will be moved to a tethering plan starting Thursday, August 11th. If you’ve received those emails and text messages, and have been using mini or something similar for tethering, they will change your plan on that date. You can look to pay $45 a month for data (to our understanding, this is $25 on top of the $20, but it’s best to contact AT&T if you have any questions.).

We’re not sure why they mind. If you pay for 2GB, it’s 2GB a month whether you use it all in one day or over 30 days, and you still have to pay any overage.

On a side note, we were on a plane a few months back. We spoke to a lady who told us that her friend was using his iPhone as a hotspot. He got a message from AT&T about the matter, and he tried to call them back and play dumb, she said. He said he just used his iPhone and streamed Pandora most of the day, etc. The reps said, that they knew he was tethering and he would have to switch to the new plan if he wanted to continue doing so. Ouch.


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