Backseat Driver: GPS Tracked iPhone Driving App For Children by ToyToyota

Backseat Driver

Backseat Driver
, first ever product designed and introduced by ToyToyota, an iPhone application which allows users, specially children, to enjoy driving from the back seat of their car, just as the app is named. The idea to make children interested in cars at an early age was thought over by Toyota while obviously not letting them sit on the driver seat but providing them with the perfect simulation in form of an iPhone game, giving access to user to steer along with their parents.

For a start, the free app is available for users in the United States which obviously means that it only recognizes American roads. The app basically utilizes the phone’s GPS system and lets kids drive a “Mama Car”, following the same route driven by the adult.

App Store posted:

Papa Car driving in front of your car moves exactly the same as the car you are riding using the GPS function. The Mama Car, which you are controlling, follows the Papa Car automatically. By controlling the Mama Car by moving it left and right, you can enjoy the driving.

Moreover, users can gain points by collecting prizes which are dropped by the “Papa Car” as well as the Landmark Icons of the shops and facilities. Points earned can be redeemed, in form of customizing your car with various designs. The design and the saved route can also be shared via Twitter.

Backseat Driver(2)

Backseat Driver by Toyota Motor Corp., features:

1. Garage – Upon launch of the app, users are welcomed into the “GARAGE”. Over here, you can customize your car by changing the color, installing new parts, and much more. Various instructions and a history of the moving route in maintained in the “HISTORY” page.

2. Drive – Upon tapping the “DRIVE” button, the fun starts. When you activate the application while on the vehicle which is actually moving, your “My Car” will also be moving as well. Collect points as “My Car” moves on the track and redeem it or keep a check on it from “GARAGE”. A few rare landmarks deliver massive points so be on the look to earn them.

3. Landmarks – “LANDMARKS” page display the Landmark icons you’ve collected. Landmarks are sorted by category and information related to shops you’ve found while driving as well as your travel log can be found.

4. Ranking – Compete with your friends and users all around the world, according to the total travel distance and the total points. Ranking will be displayed on the “Game Center”.

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