Bartleby Vol. 2 Makes Some of the Best Use of AirPlay We’ve Seen


We enjoy checking out interactive storybooks on the iPad. We had fun with Cosmo’s Day Off for iPad, and it passed the kid test (in which we let the kid at iSmashPhone HQ play with the app). Today, we learn about Bartleby Vol. 2, which is a sequel to Monster Costume’s popular interactive children’s book Bartleby’s Book of Buttons Vol. 1: The Far Away Island (link after the jump). It adds amazing AirPlay integration. The way it all carries out is some of the most creative use we’ve seen. The folks at TAUW got a look at it, and they are enjoying what they see.


We’ve seen some of the many ways developers integrate AirPlay functionality into their apps, and things can get interesting. They’ve been able to create a gaming machine that uses Apple TV as a console and the iPad or iPhone as a controller while streaming over AirPlay. You can see some examples of that sort of integration here, herehere and here. It’s all very worth checking out, as you can see how things have progressed over the last year or so. It used to be something only some developers would add, but with the the 2nd-gen Apple TV and AirPlay it’s become much more common and more accessible to developers.

To the left is Vol. 1 of Bartleby’s adventure.


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