BBC iPlayer is Coming to the iPad

The BBC is jumping on the tablet bandwagon, and it’s about time.

The British Broadcasting Company is now promising that the iPlayer app, which can be used to watch fan favorites like Doctor Who, will now be brought over to the iPad.  This will then allow for Wifi or 3G connectivity, depending on what is available on your model, will be able to be used to connect with this subscription service.

The iPlayer service from the BBC will then work in a similar fashion to subscription based video models like Netflix and Hulu Plus, especially since it is a video on demand service.  This is going to end up forcing a leap from the original iPlayer format that was developed for free to audiences in the United Kingdom.  This service allowed for regular BBC content a week after it aired, and in this way was just intended to augment the regularly scheduled programming rather than offering a viewing alternative altogether.  The new iPlayer service will be a subscription based one and will allow you to go deep into the archives and watch what you want, as well as being available to an international market rather than just a British oriented one.

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