Beginning September, Your Next iPad May Be Made in Brazil

iPad 2 Black and White Models

A report from (via Google Translate), says that the first batch of iPads manufactured by Foxconn Brazil should be hitting retailers in September. This is according to the Minister of Science, Technology and Innoavtiaon, Mercadante, who spoke during a seminar on IT and Telecom in the World Cup and Olympics.

Mercadante went on to further say that that Foxconn plans to begin manufacturing iPhones as soon as next month, adding that by Christmas he expects that they will have iPhone cases manufactured in the country.

Roughly 20 percent of the iPad components are manufactured locally, says Mercadante. Though the translation is a bit rough it seems that the manufacturing is also an attempt to increase product interest and presence in Brazil. Foxconn will be investing around $12 billion in Foxconn Brazil over the next five years, say reports.

Interestingly, this also has another benefit. Sony’s PlayStation 2 only launched in Brazil in late 2009. This was nine years after the console’s debut. Because of this, prices were rough on the people who wanted to buy them and piracy ran rampant. Perhaps Apple wants to prevent that.


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