Cellular Networks Jam as Earthquake Rocks the East Coast



A 5.8 earthquake has shaken the east coast. According to reports the epicenter was somewhere near Richmond, VA. Tremors were felt up to Washington DC and New York City. iSmashPhone HQ North felt some of the rumbles as well.

As social networks and tweets populate with news of the quake, concerned family and friends make calls to those along the the area where the quake was felt. The unfortunate consequence of this is that cellular networks become jammed.

Up near iSmashPhone HQ North, 3G was unavailable on AT&T. We’ve also read reports that T-Mobile is down and some are experiencing issues with Verizon.We phoned friends in Virginia near the Richmond and Charlottesville  as well, and cellular service seems to be completely out. On the bright side, everyone informed us that they are safe via social networks. Let’s hope injuries were minimal to none.


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