Contradiction: Nokia Strikes 300-App Deal With Polar

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Nokia is turning to Toronto-based app maker Polar Mobile Group to build more than 300 applications for both current and future handsets, as announced by Polar earlier today. Nice little deal for a company that just a week ago called Apple and Android’s focus on apps “Outdated” (via VentureBeat).

According to the report, the first 50 applications will be released over the next two months on Symbian, which is in most of their current line of phones, but they will also be creating content for Nokia’s MeeGo OS, which we saw a while back.

Still most of the development, says the report, will for Windows Phone apps. As Nokia transitions their handsets to WP7, they will have Polar build the necessary apps for them.

Nokia hasn’t had much luck topping iOS and Android yet. It may be hard to get there, but hiring an outside developer to create those top shelf apps may not be the best way to go about it. Apple and Google lead by example. They created their major apps internally and this has given other App makers ideas based off of that, for instance, better camera apps. Put the SDK out there and let millions of people with ideas start building. Apple’s App Store has seen much success because it’s designed so that even hobbyists with great ideas and the proper skills can create something.

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