Copy-And-Paste-ski: Russian Politico Plagiarizes Steve Jobs

Readers old enough to remember the Cold War will recall the lengths gone to by Mother Russia to pilfer the USA’s secrets without being caught.  Now it appears they aren’t even trying…

Raisa Bogatyrev, the Ukrainian Secretary of National Security and Defense,  recently gave a graduation speech at Kiev-Mohyla Academy.  Only problem is: her speech was lifted almost word for word from one given by Steve Jobs to Stanford University’s class of 2005.

The website Ukrainian truth posted Bogatyrev’s and Jobs’ respective speeches side-by-side, and the evidence is pretty damning.  Some excerpts:

Raisa Bogatyrev: I am honored to be here with you today, the day when the graduates receive diplomas. In one of the best higher educational institutions of our country … I want to share with you today the findings of his own life and his own political experience. There are three conclusions. Nothing is absolutely tremendous. There are three conclusions.

Steve Jobs: I am honored to be with you today at the presentation of diplomas of one of the best universities in the world … I tell you three stories from my life. Just three stories. Nothing grand. Just three stories.

Raisa Bogatyryova: up to 33 years, I was not paying attention to the saying: If you live each day like the last, ever to do it.

Steve Jobs: When I was 17, I came across a quote if you live each day as if it was your last, someday you’ll most certainly be right.

Raisa Bogatyryova: Death approached me very closely. Closer than it is now, at my age I am to her. Having lived through that moment, I can tell you – nobody wants to die.

Steve Jobs: Death then came to me the closest. And, hopefully, the closest thing to the next few decades. Having lived through it, I can now say this with more certainty than when death was a useful but purely abstract concept that no one wants to die.

(A full transcript of Uncle Steve’s speech can be found here.)

The National Security Council quickly played Hot Potato and laid the blame squarely at Bogatyrev’s feet: “She decides what she will say, she corrects the text, she takes part in the writing.” As for the blatant similarities between her and Jobs’ speech?  “She reads a lot of materials, that may have inspired her.”

If you know Ukrainian and Russian watch video below:

[Focus Ukraine, via Google Translate]

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