Cosmo for Guys Video Goes Viral, But Will the App?

Cosmo is coming onto the iPad scene with a public bang.


A video has gone nearly viral recently promoting CFG, or Cosmo for Guys, and iPad app that takes the Cosmo brand in a more testosterone friendly direction.  The video shows a women walking through a park and sitting at a table to read a book, yet here head is covered by four iPad’s making a square.  On the touch screens of each iPad is the respective angle of her head, which interacts in a seemingly meaningful way with her surroundings as onlookers stand in amazement.

The CFG app itself works almost identical to other magazine centered apps, where you can pay for content by the issue, the month, or a subscription.  The content itself is portrayed almost identically to Cosmo, especially the Internet version, except the articles have a masculine spin.  The type of content, which is often around frank discussions of sex and lifestyle products and issues, maintains the Cosmopolitan brand while just barely shifting itself over to the male demographic.  This may be a difficult sell to many men who have not yet taken many leaps to a digital pay version for more established titles, like Details or Maxim.


The real inspiration here seems to be the large number of guys who have begun to turn to Cosmo, especially online.  The app itself brings in a nice design and the content seems relatively tried and true, yet it is difficult to see whether or not a male audience is going to pay for it.

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