Criminals Can MacGyver iPad Audio Wire For Credit Card Theft

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Hackers have discovered a way to turn Square, a mobile payment service, into a way for criminals to syphon cash from stolen credit card numbers with some homemade software and an iPad audio wire. Mobile payments are still in their infancy here in the US, and as with anything, there are things to work out and bad people will always try to find ways to steal from people.

Luckily, the hackers who discovered it are Adam Laurie and Zac Franken. They are security experts at a firm called Aperture Labs, where we assume they are developing portal technology. They are able to type a credit card number into a computer, and that is converted to sound data to be sent to Square, somehow tricking it into thinking that the card was actually swiped, as they demonstrated at the Black Hat conference in Vegas.

Another hacker at the same conference also discovered ways to shut down, and even blow up, MacBooks by controlling the software that runs the battery.

[Via Yahoo News]

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