Critteroos Teaches Your Kids About Animals With the iPad

The iPad, and iPhone for that matter, is more than just a place for driving games and trendy magazines, but a tool that may even help youth education


One of the newest educational games to hit the iPad comes from CMCD Visual Symbols, is a way for children to get a little wildlife lesson and learn various animals that are out there.  Critteroos: Mix. Match. Print. is going to take you through various wild animals and teach you what they are and how to identify them. This comes in a few different fun options.  First, you can test their animal vocabulary by having a flash card system that allows them to go through different vibrant photos of animals.  When they tap the animal you can hear their name, and you even have an option for Spanish.  The Match tool is also fun where you find a couple different photos that you then have to identify with one animal or another.  Here your child will be able to begin identifying visual traits with certain animals while building on the vocabulary lessons from the flash card section.


It gets a little more involving, and slightly strange, with the Mix section as as you will be able to take the various “pieces” of the animals used in the Match section and combine them to create your own hybrid animals that would have made Dr. Moreau proud.    These “Criteroo’s” can then be saved and printed right from the iPhone, or shared in any way that you want such as through email or the child’s social networking tools.

Along with the basic elements, Critteroos: Mix. Match. Print. has the options to set different languages, automatic match choices for children that are struggling, and even safeguards for the touch screen response so younger children do not make accidents while playing.  This would then require you to hold on the screen to make decisions, which is nice for those that are not school age yet and have not mastered touch screen controls.


Critteroos is only $2.99, and actually $1.99 during the summer, which means that it is worth the mild price that it costs.  It is more than anything a fun way to create strange little animals without going to too much trouble and the child will likely have fun with it.  And they may even learn what an elephant is.


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