Design Frenzy: The iPad Wallpaper App Takes Magazines Forward


The train from print publishing to the iPad is continuing with force.  At least amongst the young.


Wallpaper magazine, which tops the list of design and fashion addicts, has made its way over to the iPad with a new free app that takes its unique design to the digital hand held format.  Identifying trends and trying to keep up with “it” culture, Wallpaper has continued to be relatively successful even through the consistent magazine decline of the last few years.  This is partially because of its connection to a niche market and because of its intense focus on content and graphic design, and now its move to go digital before finances pinch it too hard is a way to give them and their brand longevity beyond the decline.


The app itself is free, but really is only a vessel for those who already subscribe to the magazine.  While keeping the print format as the crux of its content, it also bringing in multimedia content in the form of animations and video content that comes strait from the annals of their creative imagination.  What remains constant is the focus on what is “new” with design, bringing together urban industrial design and architecture in a way that defines those new to the industry.


The app itself is making good use of the design the magazine is already known for, and the way it interacts gives you the feeling that you are heading into the same kind of software that they may be mentioning in their pages.  This may not draw out new subscribers, but for those who are already sending in their checks it will give them a reason to stay.

Download the Free Wallpaper iPad App

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