Design Hara Makes Moves With Green Computing

Smaller may be better in the future of tight spaces.

Strait out of Korea, Design Hara, and industrial design firm developing unique computer designs, is taking “green” to an interesting place.  Their new PC designs are really based around just how tight and compact their new casing designs can be, which is why they are being marketed as great for multimedia systems in a family or living room.

The two available designs themselves hail from an older aesthetic sensibility, bringing in hard woods and things like sheep leather to complete the ensemble.  This is different than the synthetic technological look that has permeated the last twenty years, and may be inspired by much of the retro fashion that has gone mainstream in the last decade.

No matter what, the primary element of this is its eco-friendly design.  Whether it is the small rectangular box or the flat model with an iPhone dock on top, these are working at the bare minimum with only 60 watts required for the miniature tower.  This breaks down to being just around 30% of what is required for most computers, so this may be the direction that more mainstream manufacturers will head in shortly.  The computer itself is one of the easiest to break down, making it perfect for later recycling and even part re-use.

These Design Hara machines are now running on the Intel Sandy Bridge i3 and i5 chips to give them the power necessary, and beyond the new leap in design they handle the same as most conventional Windows based PC computers.


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