Disney Imaginging How 3D Models Head to the Field

Disney is getting a little cutting edge.  At least with its workforce.


As Walt Disney World in Florida gets upgrades to the New Fantasyland, Disney has created a proprietary software that will allow workers to utilize a 3D rendering system right on their iPad.  What this will do is let the “Imagineers” communicate with workers, especially the engineers, when changes are being made that may not be in line with the original creative plans.

From here they can stay on the iPad and record video of what is is happening and then communicate with the different contractors based on that.  Communication may then happen using WebEX for iPad, which is a tool my Cisco that allows for meetings via the tablet.  The real tool here is that it allows the 3D software that they are using to completely imagine the project to go mobile, especially with a device that mimics being in the imagined location.  They can then take the iPad to a location and visualize exactly what it should look like while it is being used.  The immediacy of utilizing WebEX will allow them to get everyone on the project into a meeting and show the actual images with the 3D model to compare and contrast.  This allows for less disconnect between those who are developing the concepts for the rides and attractions and those who are practically building it on the location.


The software itself is geared specifically towards Disney’s needs and is advanced modeling structures, both for the computer and the iPad.  What it shows, however, is how proprietary software can utilize the mobility, features, and outside apps on the iPad to make it more useful in the field.

[via TUAW]

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