Do You Glow In The Dark? This iPhone Geiger Counter Will Tell You Why

Nuclear power is a wonderful thing – until something goes wrong.  And, like airplane crashes, when it goes wrong, it tends to do so in spectacular (and potentially deadly!) fashion.  Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, the recent Japanese earthquake that clobbered Fukushima I — legitimately scary stuff.  If you live in the vicinity of such a power plant, you may be debating keeping a Geiger counter handy, just in case.

But why settle for an old Cold War surplus unit — especially when you’ve got that it-does-everything iPhone on your hip?

That’s the philosophy at iDevice accessory maker Scosche, whose products we’ve profiled in past Hands-On Reviews.  Their latest offering is the RDTX pro [sic], a portable radiation detector that plugs into your iPhone’s accessory jack and, with the help of a free metering app, tell you how many stray roentgens of gamma radiation are floating around out there.  The detector is powered by the iPhone when plugged in, but it doubles as a standalone radiation alarm when you snap in a AA battery.

The unit is scheduled to go on sale in Japan (where, as mentioned, they definitely need it!) this September.  No word on availability in the US or elsewhere; the site indicates the RDTX (with an MSRP of US$349.99) is “temporarily out of stock.”

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