Dozuki: A New Way to Write Manuals and How Tos


iFixit is at the top of their game when it comes to how to and repair guides. The instructions are clear and concise, and their turnaround for device teardowns is fast.

We took a moment to talk to iFixit CEO Kyle Wiens about a new tool they are releasing called Dozuki, which makes it easy for users to create step-by-step guides. It’s the same tool that has allowed them to create their numerous teardowns and guides.

The Dozuki software was created out of necessity for iFixit. Take your typical iPhone or iPad teardown. Turnaround for those devices must be fast and they often have several engineers looking at the various components and describing the internals of each device. They needed a software platform that would allow for this, and for multiple users to edit on the fly.

Users can create guides, how tos, instructions and more for hardware and software with the provided tools. The guides can be gathered to create a comprehensive manual completely covering a device (much like this one for the original Xbox 360). Also available are questions and answers for anyone who needs some additional help. On the enterprise side, it can also be useful for internal company guides.

The service also provides iPhone and iPad apps. The software is currently in beta, and users can sign up by visiting the Dozuki site. According to Wiens, it will open to the public this fall.

Have a look at the pricing plans here.




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