Fact: More Republicans Use Android

Mobile OS Use Across US Map

Okay, silly headlines aside (please don’t take that one seriously), that map above does remind you of election season. Does it not?

Red or Blue? Who cares? This is Yellow and Blue, and Grey.

Mobile Ad network Jumptap released a report today showing Android vs iPhone vs BlackBerry use across the United States. The map is interesting in that it’s broken down by state, much like an electoral map. It’s good for a chuckle, but does say a lot about mobile OS usage.

Electoral Map

Further data from Jumptap shows that Android, as expected, is the biggest mobile OS in the US with 38 percent marketshare. iOS is behind them with 33 percent. BlackBerry is at 22 percent.

Symbian, webOS and “other” don’t even come close at five, one and one percent respectively. These results are for June 2011. Check out the chart below:

Jumptap MobileOS Marketshare

[Via Jumptap]

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