Fare Dodgers In Germany Using Smartphones to Avoid Payments

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According to reports, fare dodgers in Germany are taking up smartphones and social networks. All of this in an attempt to avoid paying fares, and being punished, while traveling. Getting caught for avoiding a fare is a good way to get in trouble, so they’ve come up with ways to communicate about different areas.


We’re not entirely sure. No one really likes paying fares, and it’s definitely something that can be a problem anywhere. Still, for some reason fare-dodging in Germany makes the news a bit more than it does anywhere else. Maybe it’s just more prevalent. Either way, they’ve come up with interesting ways to avoid paying.


Social Networks?

Well it’s really about the social networks. Fare dodgers are using public transportation illegally. They sure as heck don’t want to get caught, so someone starts a Facebook group dedicated to dodging fares in Germany and everyone joins. Before you know it a few thousand people join the group and are leaving comments warning others about undercover fare inspectors walking the trains.

Others see the warnings and try to avoid those lines or those particular people. Some posts on the group may say which trains to watch out for or mention a particular inspector and describe what they are wearing so that other fare dodgers know who to look out for.



Naturally, much of this happens on smartphones. The travelers hop on the Facebook page and leave comments or read up a bit before traveling. It’s the easiest way to stay updated and keep others updated. Isn’t it nice to see people helping people?


What Next?

We’re sure that the public-transit agencies are monitoring these Facebook groups. It would only make sense. They probably try to figure out who some of these passengers are, and where they are traveling to bust them. If they don’t, they’re probably sleeping at the wheel.

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