Forget 3D–This is Immersive Viewing

Viewing Movie on iPad

Photo Credit: Murdo Macleod / The Guardian

Alma Mater is more of an artsy project than an actual film, but the concept seems like a cool little experience. Basically, the viewer sits in a  small white room, which is basically the movie set (we’re not quite sure whether it is the set, or just modeled after the set).

The set is designed to look like a child’s bedroom. The actors onscreen move around, etc and direct the viewer to move while holding the iPad as they shift and turn so that their view of the room matches the view of the camera, creating an interesting experience.

It’s supposed to be a somewhat surreal experience into the imagination of a child. Interesting concept, and the way it’s done sounds very interesting. We’d like to see it, too bad it’s in Edinburgh, so we’re probably not going anytime soon.

We’ve seen quite a few interesting videos created with iOS devices, but this one is interesting in that it puts the viewer in the action.

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[Via Guardian UK]

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