Forget the iPhone 5, China’s hiPhone is a Huge Seller

Image: Reuters

iPhone 5 what? China is all about the hiPhone right now. The hiPHone is the counterfeit iPhone 5 that recently made the headlines. We even featured it in our list of favorite iPhoneys (iPhone Clones). For one, it actually looks pretty nice. Sure, it’s a cheap imitation, but it doesn’t totally look like a cheap imitation.

According to website, the hiPhone has copied most of the iPhone’s features and functions and added a few. The hiPhone has room for two SIM cards, and as all cheap iPhone clones seem to have, a radio receiver. For some reason people still like radio on their phones. The price? 500 yaun, which is just under $80. The price is definitely helping, because it’s being sold by more than 1,300 online storefronts and according to ChinaDaily, one of the shops has sold more than 1,200 of the handsets in 30 days.

Of course, ChinaDaily goes on to point out the negative side of the pretty little inexpensive phone. First, they say that the components are cheaper, therefore the handsets have a shorter lifespan. They also note the dangers in these cheap phones. Sadly, this is not something we haven’t seen before.

There have been actual reported deaths due to electrocution from faulty handsets, though none have been specifically reported with this particular model yet.

[Via China Daily]

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