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Malevich is an iPad app designed for artists. It’s not the traditional paint for your fingers-type app that you may expect for something targeted at the artistic type. It’s something else.

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Here are some of the details on the App from the App Store page:


What if avant-garde artist Kasimir Malevich lived and worked in the 21st century? What equipment he would have used to create his masterpieces? We thought that it would have been the iPad. And that’s how Malevich app was born.

Have you ever wanted to create an avant-garde art masterpiece? Now it is made possible. Malevich is the first application of its kind, bringing the world of suprematic creation at your fingertips.

With the power of technique, originally developed by the founder of Suprematism Kasimir Malevich, you are given the unique opportunity to create an endless variety of your own avant-garde variations.

Malevich will also be useful to designers and artists, who want to give their composition skills a boost. Your iPad is turned not only into an artist’s workbench, but also to a great hands-on experience in composition and balance.

• Boundless creation – you can create endless variety of suprematic artwork.
• Educational – great composition practice tool for graphic designers, artists, photographers – et cetera;
• Art-on-the-go – average time taken to create a fine picture is less than 1½ minutes;
• Nothing lost – the output can be saved as a hi-res image and used anywhere;
• Touch to create – intuitive and user-friendly interface.

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