Free App Codes – Safari Party for iPhone


Safari Party

It’s time for another free app code giveaway. Today, we have codes for Safari Party, an iPhone puzzle game.

Have a look at the game’s App Store description:

Tap on the group of 4 or more animals of one kind (combos) to make a photo or swap horizontally/ vertically to create a larger group. The larger is the group the higher is your score! Shake your device if you can’t find a grouping. Look for bonuses; they will help you on your way: rock, cloud and joker. Score the required number of each animal per level to advance. Some animals are impatient, so don’t forget to watch your time! Good luck!


The art is cute–it’s definitely family-friendly. We have 5 free app codes. You can get them below. As always, it’s first-come, first-served. More giveaways to come!

Here are the codes:






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