Get An Instant Offer For Your Product With eBay Instant Sale For iOS

eBay Instant Sale

Released August 02, 2011, the eBay Instant Sale app is tagged as, one of the most convenient and simple way to get cash for your electronics. An app, specially designed for those users who are usually too busy to monitor auctions or recycle their old gadgets.

With eBay Instant Sale for iOS, you don’t need to deal with any sort of hassles as it requires only a few taps to sell your old or unwanted electronics. Receive immediate cash offers for your laptops, phones, tablets, PDAs, cameras, MP3 Players, GPS, and many other electronic devices. 

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It’s an easy three step procedure with eBay Instant Sale. Search for the device, for example a MP3 Player, answer a few questions related to it such as specs, what’s included in the pack, and get an offer instantly. If you see yourself comfortable enough with what is being offered, you’ll be emailed right away with a free shipping label to send your item to our authorized eBay re-seller for evaluation.

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A strict assessment is done over your item and once passed, cash would be deposited to your PayPal account within 5 working days.

On the other hand, if your device is not found healthy enough and does not account for a resale value, you would get a free shipping label and eBay would responsibly recycle the item.

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Another great feature of Instant Sale is a quick way to see the value of the device you’re running the app on. You can simply trade your device for cash and upgrade to a newer model. Moreover, if your device is broken, the Instant Sale app does not grade it of no value and gives you a chance to get easy money for the gadgets which are no longer working.

Furthermore, the eBay Instant Sale is closely working with AllTechWholesale which is a Top-Rated eBay Seller, maintaining an excellent track record of customer satisfaction and service.

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