Gettin’ Down: Funky-O-Meter Review


The bottom line is that GPS is fun. Yes, it can help you find where you are hopelessly lost. And yes, it will make finding locations while driving a world easier. However, the best part of using GPS on the iPhone is that you can watch you little icon move around the map as you take turns and stop at traffic lights. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of iPhone applications that use the GPS locator at some point in their functioning. Whether it is to get local weather and news or to tell you movie times, this function is employed on a constant basis. Very few have tried this out strictly to have fun. Or to make it funky.

  Make It Funky

The Funky-O-Meter starts by asking to use your current location. That is probably a good idea since you want to find information about where you are at currently. Once they have found your geographic location you can press the button that appears to find out just how funky that location is on the funkyness factor. Now it will give you a score out of a hundred, and then tell you how far away you are from the most funky and least funky locations on the globe. Here you can vote for how funky the location you are at happens to be, going from the dreaded Not Funky to the always-classic basic Funky. This will change the overall standings not only of your funky spots, but all spots both funky and not so funky.

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Definitely Worth It

The entire presentation is nice, with colorful backgrounds and animated characters. It is obvious that there is not much going on here, except keeping an international network on geographic funkyness. If you are looking for anything more you will be starkly disappointed, but knowing that you are simply running around and deciding how funky different corners of the street may be just the thing you need to have fun with this. This will not go down as the best iPhone application on the list, but it is even farther from being the worst.  Funky-O-Meter has not seen any major updates anytime recently, but it really does not need many to maintain its simple appeal.

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