Government iPhone: The FBI Child ID App

The FBI has made its way onto our smartphones.  Now its in the form of an app.

A number of government agencies are using internet tools and mobile apps to try to connect with the citizenry, and at times it has inspired concerns over security.  The new FBI iPhone app may be overlooked because of how it relates to the most deeply held parental fears, yet it is still going to challenge left wing tendencies.


The FBI Child ID app for the iPhone is a place to create a storage profile for information about your offspring.  Here you will enter in information and photos about your child so that it is stored in a specific database.  These can be things such as physical descriptions,  or really anything that is going to help identify them.  This is all in case your child goes missing so you can connect with the FBI immediately in case there is an emergency.


The app will have your children’s info saved in it in case the unspeakable happens.  Here you can hit the Emergency tab that will link in 911 or call the National Center for Exploited Children.  There is also a checklist for what to do when things are happening, and a nice feature breaks this down to the first 24 hours and the second 24 hours.


The idea behind the FBI Child ID app seems simple enough, and is a legitimate set of functions in this case.  The only issue here is whether or not it does anything that is necessary.  You can make both the calls that it has number built in for on your own, and you can save photos and information about your child on your iPhone without this.  The checklists are a nice addition, but a fast Google search will give you ten times the available information.  Beyond this, it seems implicit for a lot of users to keep this information private and away from government agencies unless it is an important situation.


This FBI iPhone app really is a new venture, and it does have the potential to be a very useful tool for finding children and dealing with missing people within minutes of their disappearance.  Right now it does not seem to have the functionality to actually make it worth the concerns to most iPhone users.

Download the FBI Child ID App at the iTunes App Store

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