Hands-On Review: Griffin DJ Cable For iDevices

Digital DJ’ing is a function that’s custom made for iDevices, particularly the iPad; what used to require crates of equipment and milk-crates full of wax or CD’s has been shrunken into a book-sized device whose touch-screen interface lets you mimic all the cueing/mixing/scratching functionality of a full-size system.  Algoriddim‘s “djay” series of apps brings the full DJ’ing experience to your favorite House of Jobs tablet, phone, or media player — but we’re not here to talk software.

Nope, we’re here to talk about a US$19.99 cable — a splitter cable from Griffin, to be precise.  At this point, some of you might be saying “Twenty bucks for a mini-phone plug Y connector?  Yeah, I’ll buy one on eBay for a lot less, thanks.”


Which is where you’d be wrong.  See, the Griffin DJ cable performs a very DJ-specific function: with “split” mode enabled in the djay software, one branch of the Y cord sends the output to your speakers — while the branch your headphones are plugged into splits the signal even further, putting the master output into your left ear and the cue output into your right ear, so budding Grandmaster Flashes can simultaneously cue up the next cut while monitoring the current track.

How Griffin performs this nifty bit of audio voodoo is a secret — but you budding Diplo’s and Paul Oakenfolds should add it to your arsenal.  Check out our hands-on review below:

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