Here Comes the Patent Bubble: Kodak Worth $3 Billion in Patents


It seems like a company can’t release a product without getting a slapped with a patent lawsuit. Happens all the time, and is prevalent in all industries. We just see it a lot in tech, because that’s what we cover.

This has led to lots of companies buying up millions of dollars in patents to use as ammunition against others in the patent wars.

Kodak, who has suffered greatly as the need for traditional film dwindles to almost nothing, may actually have a digital imaging patents worth over $3 billion. This is according to MDB Capital Group.

Looks like we’re headed for the great patent bubble as it’s very possible that smartphone OS makers such as Apple (iOS), Microsoft (Windows Phone) and Google (Android) will be happy to swoop in and pick up some of those patents.

We’ve already seen this before, Google picked up Motorola Mobility. Then there was the highly-covered Nortel patent deal. Oh well, here we go.

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