Historypin App is Like a Window into the Past

This is an interesting app, and we just had to feature it because we like the idea so much. It’s called Historypin. Photos are pinned to locations on a map and you can check out what those places looked like in the past. It’s a project created by Google and a not-for-profit organization called We Are What We Do.

So say you are walking down San Antonio, Teaxas. You can use the app and the location features to view photo artifacts of history through your phone. Stand up in front of the Alamo and see what it looked like so many years ago (though we doubt anyone had a camera for the actual battle of the Alamo 🙂 ) . Still, it’s cool to be able to see these historical pieces. Users can also use their camera to create little pieces of history.

Imagine a major event, and you snap a photo. Years from now someone can call up the app (or whatever technology they have in a few years) and see the photo from the spot you took it so many years ago. It’s almost like a little window into the past. It even has a background material on the events that happened so you can better understand them.



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