How Important is Samsung to iPhone Manufacturing? (Infographic)

iPhone Infographic featured image

Samsung and Apple have been at it for sometime in the courtrooms. This is all over some alleged patent infringement as Apple accuses Samsung of copying their designs. Samsung, however, happens to be the company that manufactures a good chunk of Apple’s components for the iPhone. Website The Economist decided to take a closer look at just how important those components are.

They came up with an interesting chart, and several of the phone’s most important components are manufactured by Samsung. For instance, the Flash Memory, DRAM and the processor. According to reports, this is about $45.68 worth of materials, which according to reports is about a quarter of the iPhone 4’s final manufacturing cost.

The infographic below shows iPhone 4 manufacturing divided between suppliers:

Apple iPhone Infographic

Just two days ago we saw that Bloomberg had a list of what they estimate the final cost of manufacturing an iPhone 5 may be. We can be sure that Apple will count on Samsung for a long time for some of those key components, with or without the legal battles.

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