[How To] Enable Caps Lock On iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch


For those looking forward to write a sentence or highlight a few words frequently, while they type or perhaps someone who needs to write down a whole documents in CAPs, we bring you a handy tweak which activates the capital letters and deliver the same look and feel of a PC keyboard.

In a standard iOS keyboard, when you desire to write one or a few letters in capital letters, you need to hold on the ”SHIFT” button which gives you the access to write in caps. But what would you do when this doesn’t help when you decide to write a paragraph in capital letters or a whole bunch more.

As always, Apple would never want his users to get annoyed, so they decided to give users the option to have Caps Lock constantly turned on. However, the function is not ON by default and you need to activate it via the iOS Settings menu in order to make it work.

We bring you a small tutorial below with Screenshots, hope it helps.

Step 1:

Tap on the settings Icon on your iPad

Step 2: 

Select “General” and select “Keyboard”

Step 3:

In the Keyboard menu, switch “ENABLE CAPS LOCK” to “ON”

Step 4:

You have successfully enabled “CAPS LOCK”. When required, just double tap on the Shift button to enable the feature when writing.


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